All of these trackers are useful to help find famous penguin around the island of Club Penguin! They will show the current status of the penguins when they are on Club Penguin, the trackers will start tracking as soon as they login. But to always stay ready for famous penguins go to our chatroom to keep everyone updated. These trackers are copyright
  • Rockhopper Tracker–  Rockhopper is on top of the famous penguins list. He is around when his ship docks at the beach
  • Sensei Tracker– To find Sensei log on during Card Jitsu big events or during some select parties. He loves to meet ninjas!
  • Gary Tracker– Gary the Gadget Guy is only around during some parties and if a new HQ or a special mission is released.
  • Penguin Band Tracker– They are usually only around during the Music Jam in the Summer.
  • Cadence Tracker– To find Cadence be on during the Music Jam. She likes to be in the NightClub.
  • Aunt Arctic Tracker– She doesn’t appear many times on CP. Seeing her playercard is rare.

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