New Club Penguin Trainer Launched!

The ever most popular has released a new site that will be specializing in CP trainers and Club Penguin cheats (hacks to say the least). For me I am very excited because I use to use trainers all the time! Here is what the trainer looks like:

Some Features:

  • Money Maker
  • Huge Penguin
  • Unpatched Item Receiver
  • Background Receiver
  • Empty Servers
  • Bots (chat,follow,fart,etc…)
  • Penguin ID’s
  • Chat Copier
  • Teleporter
  • Walk on Walls

New tutorial video will be up on CpHelpersCp youtube channel soon so check there for all of your Club Penguin cheats videos!

Twitter: @spotmans

Youtube: CpHelpersCp

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Field Ops #28 Cheats

  • Click on your EPF phone
  • Click “go there” and you’ll go to the agent room


  • Choose accept to start your Field Op
  • Now go the Nightclub

  • Waddle to behind the “large speakers”

  • Start the Field Op and complete the game to earn your stamp

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Club Penguin Times Issue #271

The new Club Penguin Times is out so I want to go over some of the things that were announced this week.

Well keep donating coins because it will be ending soon! Last minute donations rock!!!

Here are the Upcoming Events:

  • Dec 27 – Coins for Change ends
  • Jan 5 – Coins for Change results arrive
  • Jan 7 – New Penguin Style! Looks for the new year…
  • Dec 31 – New pin will be hidden

Twitter: @spotmans

New Youtube Video: Club Penguin Banner Maker Guide

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Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats December 2010

1. Go to first page and click on the green penguin for the green jersey

2. Click on the green penguin again on the 2nd page for the goaley suit

3. Go to the third page and click on the “E” in ICE

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Rockhopper Tracker December 2010

I have the new tracker from for all of you to use to track down Rockhopper and get his famous background. There are tips below for finding him quickly!

Tips on finding Rockhopper on Club Penguin:









1. Always look for highly populated servers that normally wouldn’t be

2. Use our Xat Chatbox to track down Rockhopper with other penguins that are looking for him too!

3. Refresh the tracker above because sometimes it doesn’t automatically refresh by itself

4. When you get on a server immediately go to the Migrator at the beach to check if he is there or on his ship!

5. Get together a search party on Club Penguin and have everyone go to different servers. Then go to the chatbox and tell each other if you find him.

6. Start a party at the beach and have everyone cheer for Rockhopper. He sure loves some dedicated fans!!!

~Tips by Spotman64~

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Club Penguin Holiday Party 2010 Cheats

There are some awesome things at the Holiday Party this year! Here is a complete cheat and cool things guide for the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2010…

Here is how to get the new Snow Globe pin…

  • Go to your map and click on the beach
  • Waddle to the bottom righthand corner by the pin
  • Take your pin and put it on your playercard

Santa’s sled has returned and is ready for some passengers!

  • Go to the ski village
  • Click the Santas Sled poster on left side
  • Enter the door to the sled and go for a ride

Heres what to do once your on the sled…

  • Drop the 15 presents into the chimneys
  • In the top right hand corner click the sack of toys
  • Claim your free prize from Santa!

For some really fun times go to the skating rink at the beach!

  • Pull up your map and click the beach
  • Just click on the ice and move around
  • You’ll be sliding around like crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Rockhopper Arrives December 2010 + Coins for Change

Yes its official the pirate has just arrived moments ago and its awesome!!! Check out his new items and his ship for Holiday 2010!

And you can now donate at the donation booths to support “Coins for Change”!!! Check out the new causes that have arrived this year…

  • Build Safe Place
  • Protect the Earth
  • Provide Medical Helpย 
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Coins for Change Starts Tomorrow!!!

Thats right penguins, tomorrow is the official start date for Coins for Change “Holiday 2010” I can’t wait to see where the money will be going this year! Make sure to constantly keep donating your coins so you can help out kids in need and many other charities.

Hope you all have a good Christmas and fun time donating!!! Leave a comment telling me your family’s Christmas tradition?

Twitter: @spotmans

Youtube: CpHelpersCp

Dailybooth: S64 Pics

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New Club Penguin “Parent Update” Email

This email was sent out by CP telling about some ideas for getting more involved with your kids and what they do on Club Penguin. Its kinda “different” I have to say ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what do all of yoy Club Penguin Fans think about this? I personally think it’s kinda weird that CP would do this. Club Penguin is for kids, keep it that way! haha

Twitter: @spotmans

Youtube: CpHelpersCp

Dailybooth: Spotman64 pics

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Club Penguin Holiday Party Sneak Peek!

Christmas Party is coming up soon!!! Can’t wait so here are the pics that Club Penguin posted for a Sneak Peek ๐Ÿ™‚


Kk well peace out for today, but check out the new sidebar “Become a Ninja” widget I posted!

Twitter: @spotmans

Youtube: CpHelpersCp

Dailybooth: Spotmana64

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