NEW Welcome to the awesome new MiniMonos Cheats Page! This is the newest update to the Club Penguin Helpers Blog. Here you will find a large list of cheats, many different guides and various tutorials about MiniMonos online world.

MiniMonos Cheats



Press the “spacebar” while not in your chatbox to easily jump.

Play Fullscreen

To Play MM fullscreen hold down “CTRL” and “+” on a PC keyboard. Or “COMMAND” and “+” for a MAC.


To ask questions and get your color changed for free ask a question in the feedback bar at the top of the MM window.

MiniMonos Tips


Official MiniMonos Blog

Save your Username and Password

If you play MM often this is a helpful tip so you don’t have to type in your password and username everytime!

Download MiniMonos Flight on your iPod/iPhone

You can now download MM games on your ipod and iphone so you can play some fun mini games on the go.

Full MiniMonos Games List

Check out this official site for descriptions of the games on the MiniMonos online world.

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