Image Shop

Welcome to the Image Shop! Here you can post a reply with a link to your pictures, and I(spotman64) will edit them for you for FREE! You’ll get high quality HD pictures and super awesome playercards for youtube backgrounds. It’s as easy as just posting a link!

Here is my Youtube Promo video I made for the Image Shop:

Upload Instructions/Requirements

  1. Post a link to your picture or header size in a reply/comment
  2. Wait for approval from me in a reply to your comment
  3. I’ll have it edited within the next 7 days and send it to your email!
  4. After you get your sig, header, playercard, etc. please tell people about this service 🙂

Picnik collage

8 Responses to Image Shop

  1. spotman64 says:

    Hope everyone likes this!

  2. Cool Blog, Can You Edit my Site Header, because it’s ok but not as Good as it could be, is My Blog, Please Leave a Comment,
    I Am A Huge fan Of your blog.

    Yours Truly
    Sir William Macanack

  3. Hey Can I Have your Home Phone Number? Or am I asking Too Much,
    I want to say a Huge Thank U for That Pic you took the time to Create For Me.

    Ur an Awesome Blogger, and Sweet pics you have, those R really Funey,

    Olease Email Me your Idea’s about My Blog, I want to Here them, What Could I Do For You, since U made Me A Pic, I want to return the Favor.

    And Whoever is Reading This Please Check Out My Blog, and Email Me What U Think.

    Thanks Again Friend
    Yours Truly Sir William Macanack
    Email Me At

    • spotman64 says:

      Hey man! I’m really glad u like the header, and i’m glad you took some time to tell me that! 🙂 but….I really don’t feel comfortable giving u my home phone number. But I would love to become a regular visitor of ur blog because you post some great stuff! I REALLY MEAN THAT!!! How bout we stay as blogging friends, and i’ll email you once and a while just to see how things are going! Plz check out my blog if u want for some awesome CP cheats!!! And, just in case u need another header or a custom button for ur blog, drop me a line at my email: ! I’ll be happy to respond, even though it might take me 2-4 days. So bascially thnx for the comment and that u like the header, and we’ll stay in touch!

      Your Friend, Michael (aka spotman64 ;))

  4. jazzye9 says:

    hi im a new fan of ur website and i love the tracker u should have one of candence and penguin band too

    reply FRom jass

  5. fresh4 says:

    cool site i like how u put series 4 codes catalog on your site. now i know what to get of series 4 thanks p.s awesome site.

  6. hey i had one quick question, how do you create a sidebar ad? Like The Chatroom one you have, If you can create one for My Blog I will post something about yours, is that a Deal.

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