Chobots Cheats


If you have never heard of Chobots then listen up! It’s a very fun game like CP, and you can buy items. I’ve been playing it for about three months now, and plan on continuing playing it. Look below for some awesome info, links, banners and cheats!!! ~Spotman64, CPH Owner~


To be an agent you must:

1. Be nice to new users.

2. Be nice to people and help them out.

3. Must know the game well and have played for a while.

4. Have a good rep.


1. Badge on playercard.

2. Kick people.

3.  Get to know what’s comming

Do not ask to be an agent.

There is only a limited amount of agents so earn yours now!


The Chobots Agent Program was created on October 17th, 2008. The very first two agents were ‘chobot’ (me) and ‘God’. At first you were allowed to kick players out of Chobots.

But later that power got abused by ‘33ronaldo’ and the power got taken away in November. Chobots was also about to release where if you got kicked 3 times by an Agent, you would be banned, but because the Agents could’nt kick anymore the feature never got released.

In November, the moderator program was released in which all of the agent’s old powers go to the moderators.

Over time, more and more agents got added, visit my Chobots Agent Page to view all of the current Agents.

The Chobot Agent Program Rules:

If you are an agent you must follow these rules or you may be removed from the program.

1. You cannot lie to other agents or moderators

2. You have to be trusted.

3. You have to make fair desisions and reports.

4. You have to not break the Chobots regular rules and you have to be nice.

Chobots Agent Program Responsibilities:

1. Report all bad Chobots using the report button or the ‘Send a message to an admin”.

2. Attend agent/moderator meetings.

3. Respect other agents/moderators/chobots.

Agents, remember to follow this manual for it will help you and let you be the best agent you can.

Also, if you are a not an agent, DO NOT ASK MODERATORS TO BE AN AGENT, it will us lower your chances.

I hope some of you follow these rules and that it helps you, because I have been in the agent program since Day 1 it started and I know all of the tricks and pointers.



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