Starting Out: You must gain experience points by playing Card-Jitsu. You cannot view your experience on Club Penguin.

Battle In Competition Mode: go to Sensei and click Competition Mode. If you battle in competition mode you will gain more experience if than if you were to battle on the ‘players mats’.

Then: When you have complete everything you should have all of these belts and you can learn from this instructions book let

Colors of belts2Instructions2

Then battle other penguins to gain more belts. It can be frustrating sometimes to win a battle but always refer to:

-Water beats Fire

-Snow beats Water

-Fire beats Snow

Beating Sensei: If you play Sensei without a Black Belt, you will lose everytime. But if you do have the Black Belt you will eventually beat him after you will lose a few everytime. But after about 7 loses to Sensei, he will lighten up on you and you will win against him pretty fast! He will award you the Ninja Mask and you can now enter the room and access the Ninja Catalog.


Warning: Log off each time you earn a belt so it will save and try not to log off after a few wins because you will lose all your Experience Points.

Check out the forums page link below to start chatting with gamers who play Clubpenguin and start talking about Card-Jitsu tips!

You should get a Black Belt because you can enter the secret room! (Ninja Hideout)


After you go get the Ninja suit you can turn invisible, you hit “D” on your keyboard!


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