Puffle Party 2011 Cheats

The Puffle Party has arrived and has brought some life and excitement to CP with all the colorful stuff and puffle show for members! There are two free items if your a member and non-members get one free item. Check out the short cheats below…

1. Logon to Club Penguin

2. Click on your mini-map and go to the Plaza

3. Collect your free item!

Club Penguin Helpers 2011

 Next, if your a member your gonna want to check out the Top of the Nightclub! Follow this guide to get there.

1. Go to the town

2. Go into the Nightclub and go upstairs

3. Waddle to the room on the left to enter the Top Room!

Club Penguin Helpers 2011

 Here’s the members free item courtesy of clubpenguincp.com and ToolBear!



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