“Dancing with Cadence” can now be unlocked!

Sorry for the lack of posts the past week. Honestly Club Penguin hasn’t really made any big updated beside the Brown Puffle which to me, doesn’t really matter. Now to to the cheats!

You can now unlock “Dancing with Cadence” to get the free items and coins. Just go to play.clubpenguin.com and them click “i have a code”. Then select the book and enter in the word that it tells you to.

Dancing with Cadence

Okay and one small favor to ask…can all of you viewers out there with Youtube Accounts please subscribe to TheSpotman64 Gaming Channel? Its my channel for CoD vids and Sports gaming videos! Thanks so much and have a good week 🙂

Twitter: @spotmans

Youtube: CpHelpersCp

Gaming Channel: TheSpotman64



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help peeps around clubpenguin!
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