Club Penguin Parents Survey Sent Out

A new survey has been sent out to all of your penguins email addresses associated with your CP account. If you have your account linked to your parents’ email they will receive an optional survey.

The Survey contains these types of questions:

  • Membership questions
  • Questions about how CP is helping your child (parents’ child)
  • Other questions that concern pricing of products
  • Involvement of education on Club Penguin

Twitter: @spotmans

Youtube: CpHelpersCp


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help peeps around clubpenguin!
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3 Responses to Club Penguin Parents Survey Sent Out

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  2. happy says:

    Found a way to make children happier
    We are two students at Sapir College, Israel, who conduct research on the subject – how to make your children be happier and healthier
    Please Enter and answer the short questionnaire and you can find a solution will also help your children


  3. momo says:

    how do i find my activatatoin code

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