New Brown Puffle + Expedition Party 2011

The new Expedition Party has arrived to Club Penguin and it brought the brown puffle with it! Check out these awesome cheats that’ll get you your free items and your exclusive Brown Puffle…

Plug in the Machine, Click on the Coffee, Click on the Coffee Dispenser, Pour the Coffee, Press the Green Button, Pull down on the Pink and Green Lever, Press the Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple Buttons, Pull the Blue Lever, Play the Piano, Press the Green Button, Press all the Green Squares, Pull the Pink and Blue Lever, Turn the Knob, Pull the Red Chain, Squirt The Hot Sauce, Click The Water, Click the Vent, Click the Fan, Click The Toaster, Throw Snow balls at the red target.

…the rest is members an my membership ran out today! Im really sorry everyone, for the next part go to


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