Happy77 Talks About System Defender

System Defender is a big hit and a lot of people have been playing it constantly! I think its actually a solid game for Club Penguin to introduce. Happy77 got interviewed and had some interesting answers about the System Defender game…


System Defender in Action

Q: This game is hard! Do you have any tips?

A: It IS hard! Listen up. Remember these three ‘C’s: cannons, corners and colors. Build cannons quickly. Corners make cannons more effective. Use cannons of different colors. Those are the keys to winning.

Q: How do I beat the bosses?

A: You’ll definitely need some firepower. Purple cannons fire slow, but do LOTS of damage. A couple of those will help you deal with those over-grown bugs!

Q: Will there be new levels to play?

A: I suppose that depends on whether anyone else is brave enough to attack the EPF…

Very cool huh? So I got exams this week so you probably shouldnt expect another posting until friday is near, thanks for visiting and ill keep yall updated on twitter a few times this week! Peace out.


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