Coins for Change Detailed Results

New amazing results for the Coins for Change 2010 donation have been posted on the blog! Check out these amazing amounts of meny we helped to earn and give to need children and organizations…

  • $290,000 USD to support medical clinics in Malawi and Lesotho, Africa (conducted by Partners in Health).
  • $50,000 USD to fund operations for sick and disabled children in Cambodia (conducted by Children’s Surgical Centre).
  • $75,000 USD to provide school programs for kids displaced by war in Sudan, Africa (conducted by War Child).
  • $75,000 USD to protect children from violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (conducted by War Child).
  • $150,000 USD to fund projects to provide water to communities in India (conducted by Free The Children).
  • $180,000 USD to teach kids and families to care for watersheds and rainforests (conducted by Rare).
  • $180,000 USD to protect endangered animals in Columbia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and the Andes Mountains (Conducted by Wildlife Conservation Network).

And here are the stats for the amounts of coins that all of us penguins donated on the island!

  • You gave 12,261,193,800 coins!
  • That is the equivilent to making 2,452,238,160 pizza’s in Pizzatron!
  • Or 2,919,332 Years working as an EPF Agent!
  • Or the amount of coins you would spend buying 15,326,492 puffles!
  • Or collecting 490,477,752 pearls in Aqua Grabber!
  • Or even buying every single item of clothing 16,613 times!

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