New Club Penguin Trainer Launched!

The ever most popular has released a new site that will be specializing in CP trainers and Club Penguin cheats (hacks to say the least). For me I am very excited because I use to use trainers all the time! Here is what the trainer looks like:

Some Features:

  • Money Maker
  • Huge Penguin
  • Unpatched Item Receiver
  • Background Receiver
  • Empty Servers
  • Bots (chat,follow,fart,etc…)
  • Penguin ID’s
  • Chat Copier
  • Teleporter
  • Walk on Walls

New tutorial video will be up on CpHelpersCp youtube channel soon so check there for all of your Club Penguin cheats videos!

Twitter: @spotmans

Youtube: CpHelpersCp


About spotman64

help peeps around clubpenguin!
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