Club Penguin Holiday Party 2010 Cheats

There are some awesome things at the Holiday Party this year! Here is a complete cheat and cool things guide for the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2010…

Here is how to get the new Snow Globe pin…

  • Go to your map and click on the beach
  • Waddle to the bottom righthand corner by the pin
  • Take your pin and put it on your playercard

Santa’s sled has returned and is ready for some passengers!

  • Go to the ski village
  • Click the Santas Sled poster on left side
  • Enter the door to the sled and go for a ride

Heres what to do once your on the sled…

  • Drop the 15 presents into the chimneys
  • In the top right hand corner click the sack of toys
  • Claim your free prize from Santa!

For some really fun times go to the skating rink at the beach!

  • Pull up your map and click the beach
  • Just click on the ice and move around
  • You’ll be sliding around like crazy! 🙂


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