Complete Card Jitsu Water Guide

The new game Card Jitsu Water has been out for a few days, and because I just got a membership for a month I decided that I would send out a complete guide on how to play it and some secrets about it. Here are some things you need to know before you try to play CJW:

Now moving on to how to do all of the steps to get into the game and play!

Step 1: Go to the Dojo Courtyard on your map and enter the Ninja Hideout on left side

Step 2: Click the CJW “New Game” sign on the right side

Step 3: After clicking “New Game” the Wate Dojo entrance will appear, enter it.

Step 4: Following entering the CJW Dojo go to the top and talk to Sensei to earn items.

Step 5: Click “ear your items” to start unlocking the full Water Suit

Tips: Here are the items that you can earn, and amount of games needed.

  • Wave Sandals (8 – 10 wins)
  • Waterfall Coat (25 – 30 wins)
  • Torrent Mask (55 – 60 wins)
  • Helmet of Oceans (95 – 105 wins)
  • Water symbol to Amulet (Defeat Sensei)

Tips: Here is the Instructions page for Card Jitsu Water.

Tips: You can check your item progress buying clicking on you “Cards” in the bottom right corner.

How To Play Card Jitsu Water

The basic concept of CJW is to move from platform to platform on the players board. The higher number the card you pick, the better. After picking the card you need start destroying your opponents elements. If you use a power card, winning matches will go twice as fast!

Here are the explanation from

  • Throwing level 2 – 5 water on a weak fire = Fire disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 fire on a weak snow = Snow disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 snow on a weak water = Water disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 water on a medium fire = Fire almost disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 fire on a medium snow = Snow almost disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 snow on a medium water = Water almost disappears
  • Throwing level 9+ water on a strong fire = Fire disappears


If you complete all of the items and put on the full suit you can do a sweet Card Jitsu Water bending action by pressing dance.

Hope this guide helped to make you the best Water Ninja you can become! All of the images are subject to copyright and are originals taken by Spotman64 and

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