Festival of Flight Is Here + New Pin

Hey, people the new party called Festival of Flight is here finally. There is two new items the Green Hover Hat & the Jet Pack. You can get the Green Hover Hat at the Plaza. There will be a box in the lower left hand corner where you can go to get that. The Jet Pack you have to go in the Balloon then you will get shipped to the Tallest Mountain where in the lower left hand corner you can find it.


1. Log On In To CP

2. Go To The Plaza And You Can Find This


1. Log In To CP

2. Then Go To The Forest

3. Then Go Into The Balloon

4. Get Shipped To The Tallest Mountain And There You Will Find The Jet-Pack

Today there is a new pin. Now my Tracker has not been updated. Later today it will be updated and ready to tell you where the new pin is. Well this post will tell you. The pin is hidden down in the mine. It will be there for a long time so you can go find the Pin when ever you want to find it. Well the pin is a Sand Castle that is build out of Sand Cool A.


-The New Pin In The Mine

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