New Club Penguin Times #200 + Festival of Flight Spoilers

Hey, guys today the Club Penguin Times has its 200th issue that means there might be some cool things tomorrow. Maybe a pin that shows a newspaper then a #200 by it I don’t know. I will tell you tomorrow if there is something cool ok.


-Picture Of Ms. Aunt Artic With A Tuba Player

This Newspaper is is still a newspaper so they have events. There is going to be a new play and new sweet stuff.


  • Festival of Flight August 14-18
  • New Better Igloos August 21- September 17
  • Under Water Adventure At The Stage August 21- September 10
  • Next Pin August 14-26

The Festival Of Flight is coming tomorrow that means party party now in this picture there is a guy with a green hat. That might mean there is going to be a Green Cap at the Festival of Flight. That is going to be sweet because you can hover with those hats.


-See The Brown Guy He Has A Green Hover Hat On Sweet A

Now There Is a lot of info in this little caption. It says that you will be able to get a Jet Pack and go up with Gary. Won’t that be sweet. And also Gary will be down there in the underground pool. So you can meet him and I will get a tracker Out.  So you can find Gary Ok.


-This is the little caption that will tell you everything you need to know about the party

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  1. hi i go to the rock party rock

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