Easter Egg Hunt Cheats + New Pin

Hello it’s Spotman64 and I’m here to give you the new cheats you’ve been waiting for. Sooooooooo, here are the 2009 Easter Egg Hunt Cheats!


The first egg is found by clicking the right spotlight on top of the Nightclub


To find the second egg go to the Cove and it’ll be in the bottom right corner on the rocks


Locate the third egg by going into the mine shack and putting your cursor on Cart Surfer


Easter egg number four is disguised as a light at the Dojo Exterior 


Click the grey hat at the Gift Shop and you’ll find the fifth egg


To find the sixth egg mouse over the fishing cooler in the ski lodge


For the seventh egg go to the Ski Hill and click the top of the directions post


Click the ON/OFF switch and the eighth and last egg will appear 


You can then claim your prize; the pink bunny ears!!!


Also, the new pin is located at the bottom left of the Forest


About spotman64

help peeps around clubpenguin!
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